Training devices

TM4 RIS: for practicing essential handling routines under highly realistic conditions

In structure and operation, the TM4 RIS is just like the original. It comes as standard with a peep sight that is adjustable in elevation and windage. The rail interface system with removable panels allows mounting of various optical systems and attachments. The TM4 RIS is powered by a 12 g CO2 capsule in the magazine. Firing is not possible when the magazine is removed. The capsule delivers a muzzle energy of up to 7.5 joules, and part of the gas powers a realistic simulated recoil. Depending on the type of ammunition (chalkballs, paintballs or rubberballs) the projectiles attain velocities of up to 125 m/s.

Caliber .43
E0 < 7,5 J
Mag. capacity 14
Shot capacity* 40
Power source 1x 12 g CO2
Trigger Single Action
Safety Fire Selector
Length 680 mm
Weight 2770 g
* The number of rounds per capsule can vary depending on ambient temperature, rate of fire and CO2 quality.