System is not under pressure

System is ready to fire
The pressure indicator lets users see and feel that the gun with its pierced CO2 capsule is ready for action.

Adjustable polymer holster
Training devices

The easy-to-use HDP 50 features a 6-round integrated tube magazine and a double-action trigger with trigger safety. With its Quick-Piercing system for the CO2 capsule (12 g), this .50 caliber pistol is very easy to handle, making it perfect equipment for police opponents in training. The simpliļ¬ed operation compared with our advanced training devices with their absolute realism make the HDP 50 a very economical solution.

Caliber .50
E0 < 7,5 J
Mag. capacity 6
Shot capacity* 18
Power source 1x 12 g CO2
Trigger Double Action Only
Safety Automatic Trigger Safety
Length 213 mm
Weight 682 g
* The number of rounds per capsule can vary depending on ambient temperature, rate of fire and CO2 quality.