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The Umarex Group is a mid-size, owner-managed corporate group with some 1,000 employees. It markets guns of all kinds for recreation, sports and law enforcement. The Training Systems Division focuses exclusively on the needs of law enforcement authorities. Its aim is to provide reliable, economical training equipment to meet the requirements and specifications of police and law enforcement units.
Our position as a leader in airgun technology comes from more than 50 years of experience in the development and marketing of dependable products – Made in Germany. We enjoy significant advantages over the competition thanks to our mastery of the entire marketplace, from raw materials and design to manufacturing.

Low-cost, realistic force-on-force training and practice of routine handling

Authentic operation of equipment for intuitive handling and a maximum training effect

Very few safety requirements and therefore usable almost anywhere

Maximum mobility because face protection is the only safety gear required

Realistic training experience through the use of familiar service clothing and equipment

All training equipment is available in other color combinations on request

In stressful encounters, sound decision making and the proper use of one’s service weapon can determine the outcome of a dangerous situation. Good preparation is important, for example with realistic practice using professional training guns with chalkballs, rubberballs and paintballs.

The advantages: There are many good reasons for training with CO2-powered guns. Most of all, such training is less expensive than other platforms, and no protective gear is required besides face protection. Another big advantage is that training can be carried out indoors, outdoors and outside of approved shooting ranges because live ammunition is not used. The noise level in training is low in spite of the realistic conditions. Moreover, no toxic gases are released that can harm participants or the environment. Finally, thanks to their authentic function and accurate dimensions, the training guns can be used with original holsters and accessories.


Training devices

Low-cost, realistic force-on-force training and practice of routine handling. Authentic operation of equipment for intuitive handling and a maximum training effect.

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Our extensive range of accessories and ammunition opens the way to solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of law enforcement authorities.

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